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Our Center 

We are here when you are facing big decisions, need a little help along the way or just need to
talk. We are a welcoming place where hope begins.

We believe that compassionate and personalized care goes far beyond a pregnancy test.
Women long to be heard. To be understood. To be believed in. To be valued. To be seen as
unique and beautiful. We are here because we believe you are capable of amazing things.

At Greater Hope Care Center, we provide a professional and caring environment with
nonjudgmental services at no cost to the individual. We’ll answer questions you may have as
we walk you through this very important time in your life. We provide complete and accurate
information, including self-administered free pregnancy tests, compassionate peer counseling
and support. We also offer life skills training to our clients through our mentoring curriculum
and post abortive care. Our goal is to promote healthy, informed, and responsible life
decisions. Let us help give you some perspective about the situation you face.

Call our 24/7 hopeline today at 570.772.0337. Let's talk.

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